About company

BENTONITE company was established in February 2002.

The main activity of the enterprise is extraction of raw material and production of bentonite mud powder widely used for preparation of drilling mud used at oil and gas wells drilling, as well as in other sectors of national economy.

Before the creation of «Bentonite» JV the enterprises had to buy bentonite mud powder abroad.

Plant BENTONITE company on production of bentonite mud powder is located in Karmana district of Navoi region of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 32 km from the deposit of bentonite clays «Navbakhor», total floor area of which is 11 345,85 m.2.

Navbakhor deposit was opened in 1998. Estimation and prospecting of the deposit were carried out by the scientific-production center «Monolyth-98» and reserves of clay were confirmed to be in the amount of 7.1426 mln.ton. The plant’s yearly output is 40 000 ton of finished commodity.

In Navbakhor deposit one can find simultaneously three natural varieties of clay that significantly widen the sphere of usage of output goods.

Bentonite clays are the product of centuries-old marine sediments and they were developed around 25 mln. years ago when the surface of the deposit was covered with water.

Production capacities of BENTONITE company are located in Navoy district and are equipped by state of the art technological line of RAYMOND company, providing efficient management of production process.

The equipment of the production line of RAYMOND plant was provided by the German firm OCI and installed by German specialists.

Bentonite mud powder is packed into sacks with polypropylene liners by 25 kg. each. Today BENTONITE compaty fully meet domestic needs of Uzbekistan in bentonite clay as well as it exports its production to Kazakhstan and Russia.

Production of the enterprise is in compliance with technical Specifications Tsh№ 641826309-01:2002. High quality of Uzbek bentonite clay is confirmed by all modern laboratory analysis that was confirmed by different Certificates. Bentonite clay, produced at BENTONITE Ltd meets GOST standards, used in CIS countries.